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About Us

Bubbles Turtle & Reef Experience has been around since 2004. Bubbles Dive Resort started the project in an effort to conserve turtles instead of commercialising their presence. Since then, we have done everything possible to keep the turtle-friendly location.

After many years of hard work, we have a steadily increasing number of turtles nesting on our beach. With a continuous effort to educate guests and keep the beach secure, the project was allowed to run a small hatchery in 2011. In 2017, we were allowed to keep full nests and in 2018, we obtained the official permit and recognition for our work by the Department of fisheries.

What We Do

For the Turtles nesting on our beach, we help them by keeping the location dark and peaceful for them. No white lights are allowed on the beach after 7:00 pm and resort lights facing the beach are switched to red lights by 10:00 pm.


We patrol the beach at night to look out for turtles nesting on our beach. If one is found nesting, we keep them safe from people. The eggs are later transported to our hatchery for them to incubate safely, free from predators.


With the part of the project that involves education, we conduct daily Turtle talks for guests who are interested to learn more about turtles and conservation.

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Volunteer with Us

If you would like to experience what turtle conservation work is like, volunteer when you book your stay with us. The program is flexible and lasts from a short 3-day-2-nights to as long as 4 weeks depending on your stay.


Volunteers will join our team on night patrols to look for nesting turtles. During the day, activities will range from beach cleaning to hatchery maintenance. For the entirety of the program, volunteers will be guided by members of the conservation team.


If interested, do email us at: turtle@bubblesdc.com

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Intern with Us

The turtle conservation project runs from March to October annually. During those months, our project takes care of the turtles that nest on our beach. As an intern, this is an opportunity to get fieldwork experience in marine conservation. The program lasts a duration of 2-4 months. 


The team's responsibilities are to take care of nesting turtles, guide volunteers, care for the well-being of the beach, and maintain the turtle hatchery site. Interns will be trained until they are able to work independently without guidance.


If interested, do email your CV and a short self-introduction at: turtle@bubblesdc.com

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Support Us

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If you would like to support the project, do e-mail us at:


On the behalf of the sea turtles nesting at our beach, we thank you for your continuous support!